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Vastra is a cleansing process used to clean out the digestive system with the help of a cloth. 

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Our cloth is:

  • 5 - 6 cm wide
  • 18  feet long
  • Made of finely woven cotton fabric
  • Borders of the material are delicate and neatly stitched.

Vastra dhauti cloth

SKU: 0008
  • Benefits and Instructions

    • Benefits of Vastra Include:
    • Removes impurities from the intestinal tract
    • Detoxifies the stomach and esophagus
    • Help remove gas, acid, indigestions, and enlargement of the spleen
    • It can help alleviate respiratory problems such as Asthma, bronchitis, and a cough. 

    Instructions for use:

    • Have a convenient position either stand or sit
    • Place a container with lukewarm water and the cloth nearby. 
    • Take the end of the cloth, while leaving the remainder in the water, and create 2-3 small folds. Now place the cloth at the root of the tongue. 
    • Take a sip of water and swallow the cloth. Continue slowly swallowing the cloth. 
    • Do not rush in this practice. It can induce vomiting reflex. If a retching sensation starts, take a break until it stops. 
    • Continue to swallow until 1-2 feet of the cloth remains outside. 
    • Perform Nauli Chalana to massage the stomach.
    • Pull the cloth out carefully.
    • Do not apply any force when removing the cloth.
    • The practice should not exceed 25-30 minutes. 


  • For Spiritual Aspirants:

    • Provides purification and awareness of Nadis and Chakras located in the chest and throat regions, Anahata Chakra (heart), Vishuddhi Chakra (throat).

    For Healthy Persons:

    • Diaphragm and abdominal muscles are well exercised that helps to the practices like Asanas and Pranayama. After Dhauti, respiration becomes very smooth and easy, which allows for different yogic practices.

    Digestive System:

    • Extra Bile brought out in Dhauti
    • Extra mucus coating is removed 
    • Gastric juices and peristaltic movements are stimulated. 
    • Cleanses and stimulates the stomach and esophagus.
    • Respiratory System:
    • Remedy in asthma and cough.

    * Practice Dhauti with the proper guidance of a yoga teacher.

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