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  Health Care in Yoga  

          An ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organization
                             for quality products 

 We are completely committed to providing only high-quality self-care products that carefully take care of your needs. Our health care equipment is manufactured with food-grade, virgin, raw materials to ensure that you are using only the safest and purest products. As a supplier of major yoga facilities and naturopathy healthcare hospitals, we take care to manufacture our products with the utmost integrity. As a manufacturer, we can provide high-quality healthcare products to our consumers at a fraction of the price of retail vendor charges.


     Our most popular products include neti pots, eye wash cups, complete enema kits, enema canes, and yoga mats. Our enema kits include pinch clamps, an enema nozzle, and a vaginal douche nozzle. Don’t forget to try one of our herbal powders, which are organically sourced from our all-natural garden! We provide health care equipment throughout India, and to the U.S., Europe, and New Zealand.

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