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Neti Pot Details

To properly use a Neti Pot at home, you will need a clean area and the proper supplies. Our Neti Pot includes:

  • A plastic 300 ml Neti Pot. 
  • It is made of food-grade plastic.

Make sure to use clean, lukewarm water, and table salt. Using large grain salt can cause discomfort. 

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  • How to use your Neti Pot:

    • Make sure your Neti Pot has been adequately cleaned.
    • Make a lukewarm, saltwater solution, and fill the pot. 
    • Head outside or to your sink to keep the mess at a minimum. 
    • Tilt your head to one side over your sink, and slowly begin to let the water flow through your nostril. 
    • Breath slowly through your mouth as the water passes from the upper nostril and out of the low nostril. 


    • Allows easier breathing
    • Removes excess mucous 
    • Reduce pollen and allergens in the nasal passage
    • Relieve dryness
    • Reduce cold and flu symptoms
    • Alleviate sinus headaches and tension
    • Improve your sense of smell and taste
    • Reduce snoring
    • Reduces the need for medications
    • Can prevent the common cold and other upper respiratory infections
    • Your Neti Pot must be clean! Do not take this lightly. You can spread germs and infections if you are not careful.
    • Do not make the solution too hot; lukewarm means that it should only be slightly warmer than your skin.
    • Sometimes it is better to practice on an empty stomach if you are prone to vomiting.
    • Do not forget to breathe!
    • Do not use too much salt. It will create a burning sensation during use.
    • If your nose feels dry, sore, or raw, put a few drops of milk into the nasal passage.

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