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Eye Wash Cup – Transparent

  • Universal size for the perfect fit
  • Smooth edges for comfort

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Eye wash cup Transparent

SKU: 0013
  • Benefits:
    Thoroughly cleanses the eye
    Relieves tension and strain in the eye
    Soothes sore and teary eyes
    Useful for treating myopia, presbyopia hypermetropia, and headache
    Improves your eyesight 
    Increase blood supply to the eyes
    Diminish the look for dark circles by increasing blood circulation around the eyes 
    Helpful for tired or puffy eyes
    Reduces irritation of the eyes
    Eliminates redness of eyes and watering of eyes
    Relieves headache caused due to problems with the eyes or stressed eyes

    First, make sure your eyewash cup has been appropriately cleaned.
    Then, fill the cup with clean water or a solution. If you are using anything other than water, consult your physician before use.
    Next, you will bring the cup to your eye. It helps to have a cup with a stand, as this is easier to hold between your fingers. Make sure your eye is shut as you bring it towards the cup.
    Once the eyewash cup is securely fitted around your eye, blink your eye and swish the wash cup to allow the water or solution to properly and completely clean the eye.

  • Eye bath cups remove dust particles and flush loose foreign objects, chlorine, pollen, and other irritants. Eyewash cups are used to clean, refresh, or soothe the eyes. It is great to have one readily available for daily use or an emergency eye cleansing. 

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