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Complete Text on yogic KriyasContains:

Major Kriyas –

  • Trataka
  • Kapalabhati
  • Neti
  • Naul
  • Agnisar
  • Sankha Prakshalana
  • Dhauti and Basti.


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    List of Kriyas:

        ISBN 81-7525-378-9) © Selvan@ K.V.Selvarasu. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the author.

        Gheranda samhita among the Hatha Yoga texts gives a detailed description about many Kriyas. A table of those Kriyas and their short explanation is given. The explanations of remaining Kriyas of the table are fully explained in the text.

    Dhauti Antar Dhauti Vatasara(Cleansing the intestine)

        Method: Draw in air slowly through the mouth forming it like the beak of a crow, move the abdomen and then slowly expel the air through the lower passage.

    Bahiskrta(Cleansing the intestine and rectum)

        It is a method of cleansing by air and water. It is quiet difficult method, performed by retaining the air inside the intestine and passing it out through the lower passage and by cleansing the rectum with water. Generally Vatasara and Bahiskrta are not practiced, as they are quiet difficult methods.

    Danta Dhauti

    Dantamula(Cleansing the teeth)

        Method: One should rub the root of the teeth with the extract of Khadira plant (Acacia Catechu) or with earth until impurity is removed. Every morning one should do it to preserve his teeth.

    Jihvamula(Cleansing the tongue)

        Method: Putting the index, middle, and ring fingers into the throat, one should rub out the impurities and clean the root of the tongue slowly. Thus one can be free from diseases arising from phlegm.

    Karnarandhra(Cleansing the ear)

        Method: One should rub the auditory canal by inserting the tip of the index finger into it. By constant practice an auditory sensation is experienced.

    Kapalarandhra(Cleansing the upper palate)

        Method: Everyday, after waking from sleep, after meals, and at the end of the day, one should rub the Bhalarandhra (hindmost part of the roof of the mouth) by reaching the thumb of the right hand there. By this constant practice one should ward off diseases due to phlegm. The Nadi becomes purified and vision cleared.

    Mulasodhana(Cleansing the anus)

        Method: One should diligently clean the rectum with the stem of turmeric (plant), or with the middle finger and water again and again. This Mulasodhana cures constipation and indigestion, gives radiant complexion and nourishment to body and stimulates the digestive organs.

        Varisara, Vahnisara, Vamana Dhauti, Danda Dhauti, Vastra Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Trataka and Kapalabhati are described in detail in the text.

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