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Aruviyoga (Aruvishop)

Materials used in enema kit and enema equipment

  • Enema can (PP Random)
  • Enema tubing (PVC)
  • Pinch Clamp
  • Enema nozzle PP (Plastic)

Aruviyoga enema kit


  • It is a very compact kit with 750 ML can.
  • Enema Can is manufactured with PP Random Virgin raw material, you can watch water level in this can.


  • PVC Transparent, The size of the tube 5.5 MM ID x  8 MM OD
  • All above mentioned are Non-toxic tubes, safe to use

Pinch Clamp:

    Color in pinch clamp - white

    Enema Nozzle

    Enema nozzle has smooth endings and sides for safe use.

Specification of nozzle:

  • 5.5 MM ID to 6 MM ID tube can fit.
  • Nozzle has slope of 6 MM OD to 7 MM OD.
  • What type of hose or tubing can or should be used when needed?
  • 5.5 MM ID to 6 MM ID tube can fit.
  • When the tube from your enema kit is damaged or broken, which type of tube to use for these good nozzles?
  • A similar tube like ours, we also sell tube separately
  • Enema Nozzle: It is anal Nozzle. Material: PP- White

Enema Kit 750 ML ( Box Pack)

SKU: 1

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