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Comes with carton Box Packing

One thousand seven hundred and fifty milliliter enema can provides sufficient water flow. It helps for taking few rounds of enema also. It is a comfortable kit for having a douche. Extra length of tube with pinch clamp – stopper, enema nozzle and vaginal douche nozzles are coming along with this strong enema can.



Cleansing Life Through Cleansing Your Colon


Unhealthy lifestyle needs to be changed otherwise consequences of illness are bound to be. Lead a life with organic method of enjoying organic nutritious food with green leaves, vegetables, fruits, nuts plus exercise, peace and lightness in mind.

There are unavoidable situations where you need to practice bowl irrigation. You can use very easy and healthy forms. Nasal irrigation, eye cleansing, stomach cleansing and colon irrigation are few of the methods.

Colon irrigation with enema kit

     Aruviyoga Enema equipment is a strong and most convenient medical grade make enema kit. It has separate holder, unique method to prevent any dust particles from falling in water.

           Traditional round and flat shaped with lid. The lid has a press lock system.

           Unique design of this enema kit allows water drained maximum and outlet is kept inside safe system.

                     Medical grade pvc tubing with green liner is advantage, a pinch clamp that helps to stop or allow water flow. 

             Smooth edges are found in the enema nozzle. A leaflet attached along with the enema kit to know how practice.

                     A genuine product without any compromise on its quality. The enema

          Can with lid alone without tubing set weighs  around 180 grams , shows its  strongly built.

            This enema can is useful for bowl irrigation. Body and mind becomes light and energetic after cleansing.          

Enema Kit 1700 ml - Box Packing

SKU: 10




    • 1750 ml Enema kit
    • Great strength, Safe holder, outlet and soft edges

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