Enema Kit Details:

This kit contains:

  • Enema Can
  • Enema Tubing set (Tube, Pinch Clamp, Nozzle)

We make our enema kits with medical or food-grade materials. 


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Enema kit

SKU: 0001
  • Benefits:

    • Relieve back pain
    • Alleviate headaches
    • Reduce fevers
    • Eliminate constipation

    Enemas help purify the body of harmful toxins and backed-up waste. 


    Enemas are safe, effective, and relatively easy to use when following the proper instructions. 

    • Prepare your enema solution.
    • Fill the enema can with your solution. Make sure to keep the can slightly elevated during use to ensure the proper flow of the liquid. 
    • Apply lubricant to nozzle, catheter, and anus.
    • Lie down on an enema table or a clean and covered surface nearby a toilet. 
    • Slightly elevate your legs – this helps the liquid flow effortlessly from the enema can. 
    • Insert the enema catheter and slowly open the clamp.